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The Special Events Unit (SEU) is a branch of the Economic Development & Major Project Directorate of Gold Coast City Council.

We are the team that provides support to events (sports, cultural and lifestyle) both large and small, international and local, held in the city throughout the year. The SEU acts as a one-stop shop for event organisers, and coordinates the support required from across a number of Directorates to provide advice, conditional approvals, and logistic and planning support (and, in many cases, financial support). 

The SEU manages the city's event portfolio, and there is at least one major event in the city each month of the year. The strategic intent to is to attract and retain major events to the city and to optimise their economic benefits to the city. 

At an operational level, we assist organisers to deliver high quality events that meet customers' expectations, with minimal negative impacts or nuisance.

Events Strategy

Gold Coast City Events Strategy PDF

Events play a significant role in life, economy and overall image of the Gold Coast

Events Strategy

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Supportive operations, passionate crowds and an all round temperate climate make the Gold Coast, Australia’s preferred place to host an event.

Gold Coast special events is a branch of Gold Coast City Council. We are the team that provides necessary logistical and approvals support to major event organisers. Contact the Special Events Unit, research the opportunities or visit our portfolio of events.